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V-Racing Quick Release by Snap Off



The V-Racing Quick Release is by made by Snap Off and sold to the sim racing world by V-Racing. This patented quick release is built in Sweden and made of high-tensile steel and aircraft-grade aluminum.

The Snap Off is FIA and SFI approved, giving it a track record for reliability and endurance in real race cars. It happens to be the best solution for DIY F1 wheels too.

The quick release mechanism provides a temporary attachment between the simulator steering wheel and the steering system. After you get into the cockpit, you attach the steering wheel and start driving. Likewise, before you get out of the cockpit, you detach the steering wheel. Having the ability to remove the steering wheel is especially handy in tight F1 cockpits such as the VRS-01 Racing Simulators. There isn't enough space to get your legs around the steering wheel, so removing the wheel is a necessity.

Unlike the other quick release systems out there, the Snap Off quick release isn't designed on the basis of grooves matching grooves, where in time the grooves get worn out and the connection will begin to play. The Snap Off eliminates this problem by eliminating the grooves. The 2 step coupling with automatic expander completely eliminates play.

V-Racing has tested many quick releases and Snap Off is by far the best we've tested. It has given us the smoothest and tightest connection between our F1 wheels and the steering system. We liked this quick release so much so that we became a representative for this "new" sim racing product.

The V-Racing Quick Release comes standard with a high quality 5-pin electronic connector, which enables you to connect your wheel with the computer when using 3rd party hardware, such as the the SLI-Pro. We have a 13-pin connector for systems such as the SimDisplay that requires more pins.

Standard bolt pattern on the female end of the quick release (steering wheel end) is dual 3-bolt 50.8mm PCD and 6-bolt. On the male side (boss/hub), there are dual PCD 70/74mm bolt patterns.
- 6-bolt 70mm Sparco/Momo/OMP/Sabelt
- 6-bolt 74mm Nardi/Personal/Louise

The weight of the quick release is approximately 500g.

V-Racing Quick Release
V-Racing Quick Release
V-Racing Quick Release
V-Racing Quick Release
V-Racing Quick Release
V-Racing Quick Release

V-Racing Quick Release:


V-Racing Quick Release

Price: 395 EUR incl. VAT
(316 EUR excl. VAT)
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