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VR-F1 Wheel by V-Racing

Updated VR-F1 Wheel coming soon! The old wheel is not available for purchase at this time.

V1 Grand Prix Pedals by V-Racing

V1 Grand Prix Pedals by V-Racing

VR-F1 Wheel Complete including SnapOff Quick Release
- All parts included, assembly by V-Racing.

Price: 3 100 EUR incl. VAT
(2 480 EUR excl. VAT)
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VR-F1 Wheel Parts including SnapOff Quick Release
- SLI-Pro, buttons, dials, knobs, LED indicators, switches, and encoders are not included.
- Assembly to be done by customer.

Price: 2 220 EUR incl. VAT
(1 776 EUR excl. VAT)
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  • PC Games including iRacing, rFactor, Simbin and Codemasters F1 - Click here for a full list!

  • ECCI FF7000 force feedback base

  • We can make adapters for other FFB bases upon request - including Logitech G25/G27 wheels, Frex steering wheel, Thrustmaster T500 RS, Fanatec Clubsport, etc.



Adapter for ECCI FF700 force feedback base

Price: 125 EUR incl. VAT
(100 EUR excl. VAT)
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VR-F1 Wheels work with iRacing.com!

Link to iRacing.com


Weight: approximately 1.5kg
Dimensions: 270mm wide x 180mm height

  • Note, wheel weights more than most original steering wheel and has a diameter of 285 mm. It will slightly reduce the FFB strength. This is not a problem with direct drive force feedback systems!