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VR-F1 Wheel with SnapOff Quick Release

Updated VR-F1 Wheel coming soon! The old wheel is not available for purchase at this time.



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Standard Features

The VR-F1 is a top-of-the-line F1 steering wheel and is made for F1 and sim racing enthusiasts alike. It is made of high quality, lightweight aluminum alloy. The aluminum is cut from a CNC machine and black anodized to give you a real racing finish.

The VR-F1 Wheel with quick release is made for f1 racing cockpits such as the VRS-01.

Purchase the VR-F1 Wheel

  • SLI-Pro steering wheel display
    (SLI-F1 will be an option when it becomes available)
  • 12 high quality push buttons from Otto, 2 of which are on the back side of the wheel (index finger buttons)
  • 2 additional Knitter push button switches on the back of the wheel for shifting.
  • 2 rotary thumb dials
  • 5 rotary switches
  • 1 additional rotary encoder
  • 4 LED's
  • Leather grips
  • Custom made Precision Shifters

The SLI-Pro Display


V-Racing Quick Release by Snap Off

The VR-F1 Wheel features the Leo Bodnar SLI-Pro Steering Wheel Controller and Display.

*The SLI-Pro software is freely developed and distributed by EK Simracing. Check the compatibility of the software with your operating system on the developer site.

The back of the wheel features electrical quick release steering system from SnapOff.

Just like in real F1 cars, simulators with low-sitting position such as the VRS-01 have limited space and entry/exit from the simulator is made easier by the quick release function.

SLI-Pro   V-Racing Quick Release by Snap Off