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Only High Quality Sim Racing Controls for V-Racing Simulators

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Updated V1-GP pedals coming soon.

Updated V1-GP pedals coming soon.


Updated VR-F1 steering wheel coming soon.

The VR-F1 is a top-of-the-line F1 steering wheel featuring the SLI-Pro and the SnapOff Quick Release System.

V-Racing has tested lots of formula style steering wheels over the years and have learned alot about what works and what doesn't. Now, after many years, we have made our own F1 steering wheel.

The end product - sim racing's highest quality F1 steering wheel.

The V1 Grand Prix Pedals "V1-GP"


The VR-F1 Wheel

V1 Grand Prix Pedals  


VR-F1 Wheel

V-Racing manufactures custom pro pedals in order to fit into formula "F1" style cockpits with low sitting positions. The V1 Grand Prix Pedals are sold exclusively by V-Racing.

The VRS-01 is equipped and sold exclusively with our own custom products because they are the only products we trust that will deliver top performance in demanding situations time and time again.

If you want realism, performance, reliability, and durability in your racing controls, then look no further!


The VR-F1 is for the sim racer who demands the very best. This F1 wheel, together with a direct drive force feedback system, delivers ultimate performance.

The VR-F1 Wheel is now available for purchase!